Mr. Patrick Lyall – Patrick is a plastic surgeon who is based in Dunedin and visits on a regular basis. He specialises in face, breast and body surgery, and can also see you for skin cancer management and hand surgery. Read more about Patrick on his website

Mr. Martyn Fields – Martyn is an ENT specialist from Dunedin who provides care for adults and children in his clinic. He is also able to provide publicly funded clinics to children who fit the funding criteria, saving a trip to Dunedin Hospital for assessment. He is a keen fisherman and enjoys his time in Cromwell. He works 2 days a month here, usually a Wednesday or Thursday.

Mr. Michael Landmann – Michael is a breast and general surgeon. He holds Saturday clinics in Cromwell once a month and is able to so some procedures in Cromwell including sigmoidoscopy and haemorrhoid banding. A golfer and windsurfer Michael enjoys his time away from Dunedin city.

Dr Kate Van Harselaar from Fertility Associates is a Gynaecologist based in Dunedin.  Kate visits the Cromwell Medical Centre once a month.

Dr. Rick Acland and the Spinal Team – From Christchurch, the Spinal team are using Cromwell Medical Centre as there base to provide comprehensive assessment and care of the patients in this region. A consultant at Burwood hospital in Christchurch, Rick has specialised in spinal cord injury and the treatment of pain for 30 years.

Mr. Andrew Kelly – Andrew is a paediatrician who is based in Dunedin and visits on a regular basis. Children and families are seen for a range of baby, preschool, school age child health and development issues.

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