Dr Brendon PauleyGP

    In May 1986 Dr Brendon Pauley came to Cromwell as a young 30 something, intending to stay for five years.  Thirty four years later he is still enjoying providing medical care to the community.

    For the first 16 years, Brendon was involved in maternity care, initially at Cromwell hospital and then at Dunstan.  He says “the opportunity to work with our midwives and share in those special times for families were a very rewarding part of my career.  Ironically, one of my “interests” over the past 18 years has been to help limit the size of families!”

    Over the years he has worked with many dedicated colleagues, nurses and centre staff to provide the best care for our patients.  This commitment continues with our current team.  Brendon believes that “we learn much from our patients as they cope with illness, trauma and sometimes tragedy and we greatly value the privilege of helping them through these times.”

    One of Dr Pauley’s special interests is teaching medical students who will be the future of our healthcare service.  He says “they always enjoy their time in the country which augurs well for rural services in the years ahead.”

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